Astrology as the Ultimate Ontological Framework

Date Published : 01-Oct-2020

The human mind is always curious about the things that are beyond the dimensions of our thinking process and imagination. Philosophy and metaphysics deal with such questions. They try to give answers about the purpose of our existence, identity, time, and space. These things cannot be answered using scientific concepts and parameters. It is said that where the limits of the science end, the periphery of the metaphysics begins. The meaning of the word metaphysics is "beyond physics". Amongst various things that fall under metaphysics, one is ontology. What is ontology, then? It deals with the different entities in the world and their existence. It explains the state of being that we are in. The fundamental concept of ontology is to relate our being and our life and existence to the framework of celestial bodies in the universe- the planets and the earth. It requires a special capability to think above the dimensions of the human mind. A Psychic reader in London can do it by putting special effort if he is a profound astrologer.

Relationship between the identity and physical body

What is each of us? The body that we can see, feel and touch? Or is it something else? A being that is contained in the physical body. The outer boundary made of skin and flesh is not the ultimate boundary. There are many more fences when we explore them using the concepts of the ontology. What lies in us and what is spread beyond our physical body cannot be explained using the concepts of science. No physics, biology, chemistry, or mathematics can do that. For that, we need to dig deeper inward. You call it spirituality, you call it self-realization, you call it anything. The aim is to find the answers of your basic questions about self-existence.


Self-realization is the process of digging deeper inside and asking questions about the self. It crosses the limits of physical space and traverses into the metaphysical world. There could be several ways of achieving self-realization. Some find religion a better choice. For some, spirituality is a better option. Some people think deeper and deeper and find answers to their queries by discussing with other intellectuals. Again, here also, the paths may vary, but the ultimate destination is one. Indeed, it is not easy to get to the bottom of the questions of self-existence. Everyone has a different explanation of it, based on individual perceptions and knowledge and understanding. In the process, astrology can play a major role. Actually, according to astrology, there are specific combinations of planets in the horoscope that determines the thinking process and enlightenment level. Not everyone has the ability to think deeply about self-realization or spirituality. Also, astrology lays down certain basic rules by which an astrologer can read about it. Thus, astrology and ontology share boundaries in this manner. Therefore, astrology is not just about predictions or Black magic Removal in London. It has a much bigger, deep-rooted meaning.

Astrology as an aid to ontology

Astrology is based on the date, time, and place of birth. The planetary combination of the moment of birth is the snapshot that puts a lifelong effect on our life. Based on the combination of planets, astrology can tell why a person has taken birth and what will be his journey spiritually? It is also possible to perform an analysis of past life by planetary combinations. What we bring as our fate is the results of our past deeds or karmas performed in the earlier births. If Indian astrology can go up to this extent, then it can easily give answers to questions related to self-realization. Thus, Astrology plays a significant role in the analysis of one's mind and contributes considerably to Ontology. The only thing is the astrologer's capability and commands over the subject. He can find out information about various aspects of life using the birth chart. Astrology uses rule-based interpretation based on mathematical calculations to answer metaphysical questions with accurate answers. It can be explained by a simple concept. Astrology links a person with time. When the previous births and karmas are associated logically, it gives a link between the unknown and the known world. What we cannot see or imagine can be analyzed, explored, and understood by expert astrologers when they combine ontology and astrology.

How does Astrology help? When an astrologer can analyze it for others, he or she can very well do it for the self. It is like when we hold a mirror to us. We can see clearly what we are, how do we look, what are the strength, and what are the shortcomings? The astrological analysis does the same thing at our personality level. Here, astrology becomes the ultimate framework for ontology. The only requirement is the in-depth knowledge and insight for self-realization.

Pandith Sairam